Living Under the Correct Covenant (IFC 2018) - DVD Single

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A covenant is a contract that brings consequences for breaching it. When God gave the law to Moses, that covenant was only between God and the Jewish people. When the Mosaic Law eventually ended, God established the new covenant of grace which allows us to partner with the Holy Spirit who will guide and direct us through life. This covenant is for everyone who will accept it, and modern day Christians who are led by the Spirit are living epistles who have God’s law of love written in their hearts. The difference between the old and new covenants is that under the first agreement the people were led by the law, but under the second one we are led by the Spirit of God. If we see no results in our lives, it may be because we are living under the wrong agreement. Most people today are still living under the covenant of the law; therefore, we must learn the difference between the two agreements so that we can be the beneficiaries of God’s grace.

                      *This message was taught during Bill Winston's International Faith Conference*

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