Taffi Dollar - Portrait of a Virtuous Woman - Audiobook CD

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The character of a virtuous woman is influenced, tempered, and fashioned by the Word of God. She is a woman married or single who places God above everything and everyone in her life by making His Word the final authority in all that she does. A virtuous woman has the mind of Christ, and she reflects His image. She has learned, through submission to God and to His Word, how to live free from stress and how to walk in His perfect will. In essence, she pleases God.

Becoming a woman after God's own heart requires a commitment to become whole through His Word. This is not something that can be accomplished by watching soap operas or reading secular magazines, neither can it be accomplished overnight. Learning to operate with the mind of Christ is an ongoing process that involves spending time with God and basking in His presence continually seeking Him for direction at every turn. 

My prayer is that you will use the information in this book to supplement your time with God. As you read the Scriptures and say the confessions given in each chapter, I encourage you to make a quality decision to become all that you can be for God, your family, and yourself. Allow the Word of God to settle in your spirit. It will propel you to a new level of living and thinking, and will change your life forever.

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