Deeper Dimensions to Praying in the Spirit - DVD Single

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In our prayer lives, praying in the Holy Spirit takes us to a deeper spiritual level than
praying in our own language ever could. Praying in tongues bypasses our
intellectual understanding, and brings us to the point where we must rely on
inspiration from the Holy Spirit. Many churches do not teach about tongues because
they do not understand it, but this is where the deeper manifestations of God begin.
When we pray in this manner, not only are we depending on the Spirit to give us
utterance, but we are also building up our spirits, our souls, and our physical bodies.
In the New Testament we see Jesus, Himself, praying in the Holy Spirit during His
most difficult and painful times. Groaning in the Spirit is one of the most powerful
things Christians can do when we feel the need to pray but we do not know the right
words. If we want to change the world, we begin by praying with groanings too deep
for words in order to receive power from the Holy Spirit to successfully do so.

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