From Condemnation to Grace - DVD Single

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The new covenant of grace is completely different from the old covenant of the law.
Now that we are living under grace, we need to know what life is like under this
covenant. The law was designed to reinforce the people’s guilt and constantly
remind them of their shortcomings, but when Jesus came, He came to redeem and
deliver, not to shame or punish. Most churches today seem to have forgotten this;
instead of focusing on God’s favor toward us, they focus on telling us to keep the
rules and uphold the standards of the law. Condemnation from the law is not a part
of the new covenant, and if we feel condemned, that feeling did not come from God.
The law heaps fear and shame on us, but grace offers us mercy, compassion, and
forgiveness. Jesus had plenty of opportunities to condemn others, but instead of
judging them, He forgave them and showed them grace. Faith in Christ transformed
the lives of Zacchaeus as well as the woman caught in adultery, and it will change us
as well.

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