From Condemnation to Grace (Part 2) - CD Single

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Jesus’ goal during earthly ministry was to demonstrate grace to people, not
condemn them. Condemnation is not from God, but from Satan. It is far-reaching and
deadly; every issue we encounter that causes us to struggle springs from
condemnation. The enemy uses it against us because he has been judged guilty and
condemned. He is now trying to pass his condemnation on to us. Every time we miss
the mark, the devil is already ready to whisper that we are not good enough, not
doing enough to please God, and are unable to be everything God wants us to be.
The devil uses the ministry of condemnation to constantly throw our past mistakes
in our faces and make us feel ashamed, guilty, and fearful. Freedom and true change
the way God intends only comes by accepting and preaching the ministry of
reconciliation, to remind ourselves and others of who we are and what we have in

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