Has the Holy Spirit Become Taboo? (Part 1) - DVD Single

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The word “taboo” is defined as unacceptable, improper, or prohibited. The Holy
Spirit has become banned and excluded in many churches, and we must ask
ourselves if He has become taboo for us as well. Carnal-minded people do not
believe in the Holy Spirit because they cannot see Him. Many people refuse to even
acknowledge Him, yet He is as real as any physical person next to us. The Holy Spirit
is alive, and He is the third person in the Holy Trinity. He has an assignment to work
in our physical world, and He is the one who put the earth’s waters in place, created
the stars in the universe, and made all of creation. On a large scale, He has the ability
to impact physical things in the world; on a personal level, He can also impact what
happens in our own lives.

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