Has the Holy Spirit Become Taboo? (Part 2) - DVD Single

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For too many believers, the Holy Spirit has become taboo. If we are not careful, we
can make the mistake of failing to acknowledge His presence or even denying His
very existence. The Holy Spirit is more than just a chill bump, a jiggle, or a
cartwheel; He is a real person with real feelings, and He is part of the Holy Trinity.
He does not have physical matter, but He does have substance. The Spirit is our
unseen partner in life, and He can accomplish much more than we can through our
own plans or abilities. Our relationship with God gives us access to the Holy Spirit,
who wants us to experience God’s best in our lives. Although the Spirit is unseen by
our physical eyes, He is the one responsible for the manifestations of all the
promises of God’s grace.

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