How Not to Be Tempted With Unbelief (Part 2) - DVD Single

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Many contemporary Christians seem as if they do not know how to get
manifestations of God’s promises. One example of a powerful manifestation is given
to us in the Old Testament, when Abraham believed God despite overwhelming
contradictory evidence in the natural realm. Abraham had a choice whether to focus
on the physical situation or the supernatural promise; this applies to us today when
we are faced with temptation. Like Abraham, we can successfully overcome
temptation when we think about what God says to us more than what the world
says to us. Temptation is pressure applied to the flesh, and as long as we consider
the problem, the pressure will continue. However, we cannot be tempted by
something we do not think about. To consider is to deliberate, ponder, or give
attention to something; temptation loses its power over us when we refuse to
examine or meditate on anything contradictory to God’s Word.

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