The Radical Life of Grace

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The Gospel is the “almost too good to be true” news that you have been made righteous apart from your own efforts. Grace changes how you approach every aspect of your life. It is the power behind everything that God does. We have access, by faith, to all of the finished works provided by grace.

We have to renew our minds to the truth about who we actually are in God’s eyes. In The Radical Life of Grace, Creflo Dollar shows you how to receive God’s love instead of working to get what God has already freely given. Once you understand grace your life will be changed, forever!

Marque Strother 24-04-2018 19:27

Powerful, cuts right through generations of disconnected bits and pieces of biblical confusion; as Cref. has a gift for doing.
I've been a vision partner for twenty years, learning as he has taught and refined his teaching over and over making clear what in my opinion has been kicked about like a soccer ball of blindness. He lines it up and puts it in the goal. You cannot deny your heart at this level. I've been buried in blessings as l'v traveled this path with PhD Dollar.

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