Righteousness by Grace (Part 2) - DVD Single

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God deals with us through agreements. The old agreements of the Abrahamic covenant and the Law of Moses have given way to the present covenant of grace. A covenant is an irrevocable promise between two or more parties to carry out the terms agreed upon. The covenant between God and Abraham was based solely on bloodline; the covenant of the law was conditional, and based on man’s performance. The covenant of grace differs in that it is unconditional, and based on our love for God and our belief in what Jesus did for us. A thorough understanding in this area is necessary because, as believers, we must be sure that we are living under the correct covenant. Most churches still preach the law, which keeps many of us stuck in that type of mindset. If we are struggling but not seeing any results, we must examine what we have been taught and throw out anything that contradicts the covenant of grace.

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