Righteousness by Grace (Part 3) - DVD Single

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Life under grace is radically different than life under the Old Testament Law of Moses. The covenant of the law was about how well man performed, whereas the covenant of grace is about how well we believe Jesus performed. Although obedience is important under both covenants, obedience to the law has given way to obedience to the faith; this is something all Christians need to understand. Under the old covenant, the law kept us chained to our own performance but, under the covenant of grace, our faith in Jesus’ finished works frees us from our own inadequate efforts. Jesus is enough and He is all we need. All pressure is taken off what we do because the focus is now on what He did. We no longer need to earn God’s blessings because our trust in Jesus moves us into a position to receive the blessings that have already been made available.

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