The Ministry of the Holy Spirit - DVD Single

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To reconcile why the Holy Spirit was sent, we must study the Scriptures to
understand His purpose. If we do not understand His ministry and how He operates
in our lives, we could find ourselves believing a fable. The Spirit did not come to
convict us of the things we do wrong or the mistakes we make; He came to convict
us of unbelief in Jesus. This unbelief is the sin the Holy Spirit came to point out to us.
Our mistake is focusing on the fruit of an issue, which are our actions, instead of on
the root, which is our unbelief. We see this illustrated in the Bible when David’s
doubt in what God told him caused him to commit adultery and murder, and when
Moses’ doubt that God could bring water from a rock kept him from entering the
Promised Land. When we understand the relationship between our unbelief and our
actions, our behavior will radically change for the better.

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