The Ministry of the Holy Spirit (Part 2) - DVD Single

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In the past, we have been misinformed about the Holy Spirit, but we must know who
He is if we are to understand His ministry. Fables and myths about Him can get in
the way of us truly knowing Him, and it is important not to define Him in terms of
what He is not. The Holy Spirit is not defined as a feeling or an emotion, a jump or a
skip, but as a real person. We must set aside our religious assumptions about His
identity and the role He plays. When we know who He is, then we can benefit from
what He was called to do. The Holy Spirit was sent to speak to us, but we must not
get so caught up in jumping and shouting that we do not hear what He is trying to
tell us. When we get to know Him as a person, then we can make the distinction
between true spirituality and mere emotional displays.

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