The Root Cause of Sin - DVD Single

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The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, but He was not sent to convict us of wrong-doing.
Most people think He focuses on our actions, but He actually was sent to convict us
of unbelief. Sin is certainly wrong-doing, but every action of sin is a reaction of
unbelief. When we are tempted to commit a sinful act, it indicates that there is some
part of the Word of God that we do not believe. At the point of temptation, we must
pause and locate the area of our unbelief. When we feel the pressure applied to us to
doubt what God tells us, we must remember the example Jesus set when He faced
the same temptations that we face, but did not give in to them. Our victory or defeat
in life hinges on what goes on in our minds; when we choose to believe on Jesus, we
can receive the same kind of life that He has.

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