Unbelief: How It Counteracts Faith - DVD Single

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On our Christian walk, faith in what God has made available to us is extremely important if we are to see any manifestations at all in our lives. Releasing our faith is a powerful tool in our fight against the unbelief the enemy sends against us. Self-effort is the opposite of trust in God, and if we find ourselves working to earn what we want to receive from Him, this is an indication that we are operating in unbelief. We must not confuse empty works with works of faith. There is technically nothing wrong with doing something in order to see the manifestations of God’s promises, as long as what we do is inspired by the Holy Spirit and led by Him. Doubt short-circuits our faith. When we struggle, we do not need more faith; we simply need to banish unbelief in our lives, in any degree and in any form in which it shows up.

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